The last ten days were so much fun spending time with the Ugandan Kids Choir here at camp!

The kids spent their spring break swimming in the pool, hula hooping, driving and playing with the miniature horses, BMXing, seeing the baby pigs and goats, and singing in the shower houses.










So what is the Ugandan Kids Choir?

Imagine never having hamburgers or pizza or even cold cheese before! In January 2016, this Ugandan Kids Choir came to America to tour the United States for one year performing traditional Ugandan songs and dances and to experience American culture and foods! These kids grow up in small villages in Uganda and are used to eating mostly rice and chicken. They live a very different life than the one we are used to. They walk miles just to go to school, help cook, clean, and care for their younger siblings and even share a bed with the entire family. So why are they here? Each Ugandan Kids Choir is made up of 10 Ugandan kids (5 boys and 5 girls), between the ages of 6-12 years old. They tour the United States for one year to help other kids around the world get sponsored through Childcare Worldwide so that those children can have better lives. The Ugandan Kids Choir is a ministry of Childcare Worldwide, which is a Christian child sponsorship ministry. Childcare Worldwide provides food, water, education, Christian character development, and medical treatment to sponsored children in 9 different impoverished countries. Each member of the Ugandan Kids Choir is enrolled in our sponsorship program. They have the opportunity to go to school (in Uganda and on tour as well) and have a better life, which they don’t take for granted. They also want other children, around the world as well as in Uganda, to be sponsored. They want to help those kids receive an education and have the opportunity at a life outside of the poverty that they experience. The Ugandan Kids Choir members have seen the impact sponsorship has had in their own lives and country.” ~ Tracy, Choir Coordinator

2016 West Coast Tour Pic

It is always so fun sharing camp with other groups. We look forward to hosting the next retreat!