10 Reasons To Be a Camp Counselor:

Cabin Group Photo

  1. Have the most real life experience managing small groups- you are managing groups of campers and CITs (Counselors In Training) every day, all day!
  2. Spend most of your day away from technology- escape the fear of missing out, engage in real life conversation, and have memorable experiences that you can share on social media later.
  3. Make a meaningful impact on the life of a child- share a hobby, skill, story, or experience with a child and it may open their mind to something they have never thought about before. Many campers  (and staff!) gain new life long hobbies after trying something at camp. Campers often remember their favorite counselor even twenty years later.
  4. Expand your creativity- there is nothing like having a group of kids who claim to be bored when they mastered an activity early or are waiting for a flat tire to be repaired on an out of camp trip. We promise this will get your creative juices flowing.
  5. Practice soft skills- you will communicate often, become flexible (think- learning yoga 10 minutes before you have it as your activity), learn the importance of being on time, and value of teamwork.
  6. Experience new cultures, traditions and ways of life- people come to camp from all over the world, from different backgrounds, and “camp life” in itself is something unique!  Where else is every hour of your day scheduled for you?
  7. Your meals are cooked for you and your housing is free- just imagine having three meals a day prepared and served to you and not even having to do the dishes! (THANK YOU SUPPORT STAFF!) You might have to share a cabin with a few other counselors, but you will grow to love it.
  8. Gain new skills- you will leave camp a master in archery, skit production, friendship bracelet making, hatchet throwing, belaying, costume design, and getting sufficiently clean with a two minute shower.
  9. Leave with a friend in every corner of the world- no matter where you travel, you will probably know someone in the area with a couch you can sleep on. Many people who have been to camp, say their best friends are camp people.
  10. PLAY!- how often do you get to be paid to play outside all day?!


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