This summer, Coppercreek Camp was tragicaly impacted by the Dixie Fire. California’s largest single wildfire in history burned through Greenville, several other communties and hundreds of thousands of acres of forest.

In short, Coppercreek will never be the same, but with your help, we can recover from this devastation and help our community at the same time.

At this time, we will not be offering traditional children’s summer camp sessions, but instead plan to offer a unique camping destination for all ages.

But first, we want to fill the need for temporary housing for those who have lost their homes. Many need a place to stay while they get back on their feet and figure out their next move. We hope to be a stepping stone in their difficult journey.

Meanwhile, we will be planning for the next chapter of Coppercreek where we aim to provide a quiet getaway to recreate and relax . It will be familiar place for Coppercreekers to visit and reminisce with their families at the same camp they know and love. We will also welcome first-timers to experience Coppercreek Camp and grab a breath of fresh mountain air.

Coppercreek will offer glamping cabins, sites for full-hookup RVs, tents, campervans, equestrian camping, and more. Stay tuned as our detailed plan develops!

Please consider making a donation towards this cause!

Coppercreek Camp lost: 28 structures, thousands of trees and its critical power and water systems.
Coppercreek Camp didn’t lose: 3 main houses, 8 cabins, 2 showerhouses, 1 barn, and countless friends and camp family.

Coppercreek Camp has been providing youth from around the world a traditional overnight summer camp experience for over 50 years.
In 1965, John Lindskog and Lynne Evarts bought the raw land and built the summer camp from the ground up. The camp has remained in the family and is now owned by John and Lynne’s granddaughter, Sutter Rogers, and her husband Taylor Rogers.
A culmination of the economic hardship from COVID-19 and the extensive damages of the Dixie Fire have pushed Sutter and Taylor to pivot their small business. Their vision is to rebuild infrastructure for a unique camping experience. They hope to install spacious RV sites, renovate the 8 remaining bunk cabins for “glamping” and expand current tent camping options on their 200 acre forested property.
The RV sites can provide emergency housing for local families impacted by the Dixie Fire in the short term, and their plan will offer economic support for the community in the long term as the county heals from this devastation. To make this vision a reality, Coppercreek Camp needs financial resources to rebuild and install the infrastructure. Please consider making a donation to Coppercreek Camp today!

Coppercreek Camp is a private summer camp located in the little town of Greenville, California, USA. Since 1965, we have been welcoming campers and families to our beautiful mountain setting. We believe in the power of  laughter, play, community, nature and CAMP!

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