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English Riding Lessons

a top-tier equestrian program.

Coppercreek’s equestrian program is one of the most popular activities at camp!
The equestrian program is designed for campers who want as much horse time as a “horse camp” but also want the traditional camp experience.

The equestrian program is included in our Traditional Camp and CIT programs. You do not have to pay extra tuition or enroll specifically for the equestrian program. Campers can choose to never come to the barn, come for just an hour each day, or spend most of their day with the horses.

Campers can choose to sign up for a week of riding lessons at the beginning of their session. They come each morning for their one-hour riding lesson. Campers can continue with lessons their second week if they wish. We require the campers to sign up for lessons so that we can asses their riding ability and appropriately match them to a horse and instructor for the entire week for lessons to progress. Our campers that stay for four weeks get the most out of their riding lessons.

Our riding lessons range from the very beginning levels of controlling a horse and a balanced seat to advanced dressage and jumping lessons. Typically, campers are placed in riding lessons with a group of 3-4 other campers of similar ability. We teach a balanced seat first, focusing on proper fundamentals. Our classes progress through basic flatwork to jumping for those campers who are ready. In all lessons, our staff put the safety of the campers and the happiness of the horses first!

Our jumping lessons never go above 3’ as we care about the health and soundness of our horses. Our lesson horses are ridden multiple times a day and it would be unfair for them to jump above three feet for more than one lesson each day. We focus more on technical jumping lines and patterns in our advance lessons than the height of fences. We truly believe in the importance of maintaining balance, rhythm, control and a proper position while jumping complicated courses.
We have a variety of breeds including: Quarter horses, Saddlebreds, Andalusian crosses, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, sport ponies, miniatures and the good old American mutt, to meet the interests of our campers. Our beginner lesson horses are mostly older, well seasoned horses that are quiet and kind, instilling confidence in new riders. Our more advanced horses are trained to a higher level to challenge even the most experienced rider.
If campers want to completely immerse themselves into horses, they can then sign up for our specialty horse activities in the afternoons. These speciality activities are also available for campers who do not sign up for regular riding lessons. These specialty activities include miniature horse driving, vaulting, CHA levels, and Saddle Club. 
For horse campers who want even more horsey things to do,  there’s the Barn Rats program. Barn Rats get to spend entire mornings at the barn, working and playing with their favorite animals and staff.

Specialty Horse Activities

Mini Driving

Driving our minis is quite fun. Our campers drive Jiggy and Beauty around the arena or out on the trails. Both Jiggy and Beauty have lovely temperaments and handle the variety of drivers very well. Campers enjoy handling all 5 of our miniature horses. In addition to driving the little horses, campers take them on walks around the cabin area, jump them “in hand” in the arena, bathe, groom and generally love them up. Some of the campers just enjoy hanging out with them and taking them to graze in the meadow. These minis are great companions especially for the campers who may be a bit intimidated by the larger animals.



The Certified Horseman’s Association consists of 4 levels that campers can work through. The levels include book work, mounted exercises, ground lessons, written tests, a riding test, and games. At each level, campers earn a ribbon. The levels start from the basics and end with beginning dressage and jumping. Most importantly, the program focuses on horsemanship, horse care, safety and responsible horse ownership.


Vaulting is gymnastics on horseback. The horse is lunged in a circle under the instructor's supervision while the campers practice moves alone, in pairs or triples. It sounds scary, but the campers quickly realize that everyone is capable of mastering the basic moves and patterns at the beginner level. We have a vaulting barrel nearby to practice in between turns on the horse. The program is open to any camper regardless if they are signed up for riding lessons. Vaulting is such a popular program, campers and staff put on a demonstration in every talent show. The male staff even created a motto for themselves: "REAL MEN…VAULT.”

Saddle Club

Our saddle club program consists of mini clinics taught by the riding staff. The clinics vary in topics each summer based on our riding staffs’ expertise. Typically, topics include bathing and plaiting manes, clipping, hoof care, lunging and ground work, basic horse first aid, nutrition, etc.

Riding Staff

Sutter Rogers, owner and director, oversees the entire horse facility including not only the summer camp program, but also breeding, training and year round riding lessons. She rides both English and Western, competed in Three Day Eventing and now takes students to hunter/jumper shows. The equestrian center is truly her passion. She works year-round to ensure the quality of the facility, staff and horses.

All Coppercreek riding instructors are required to complete a 5-day clinic prior to the beginning of camp. We bring in outside clinicians and host this clinic for other camps as well. Difficult and demanding, the clinic evaluates an instructor’s ability to teach group lessons at various levels, safely and effectively. Our site is also critiqued by the clinicians for cleanliness, safety features and happy, healthy horses each year.


Coppercreek has three riding arenas, all watered for dust control:
one, a 
dedicated jumping and dressage arena at 180×180, one at 90×200 feet, and one at 90×90, which allows multiple levels of riders to participate at the same time. 

Our 60 foot round pen is used for beginning riders and ground lessons. 

The 2500 square foot barn has a foaling stall and several small pens and turnouts. Horses are housed in large quarter acre turnouts with shelters for heat and rain/snow protection. Horses are tacked up in our saddling corral and tie racks. These areas hold about 30 horses at a time with the horses’ individual tack located in our beautiful tack house. Instructors are assigned to the saddling corral and tie racks to assist campers with the grooming and saddling of their horses.


All horses receive quality alfalfa or grass hay, supplements and grain according to need. Manure is removed daily, and our facilities are constantly monitored for repair and cleanliness.

We have all sizes of riding boots and ASTM certified helmets for each camper.

Our equestrian center is open year round for lessons, boarding, and clinics. Please contact us if you would like to visit and tour. 

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