My name is Gamaliel Rosas Ramos. I am currently in the last semester of the degree in accounting and finance and, as expected, I love finances. In my spare time I like to buy and sell stocks, and I especially love trading commodity contracts in global financial markets.

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I am from a small city in the Pacific Ocean of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca, where I come from, everyone knows how to swim and surf and, as expected, my favorite sport is swimming and surfing, it’s something I love to do every day.

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My favorite pastime is reading, going to the gym, meeting new places and, especially, making new friends. I love meeting new people. That is why in the last two years I have chosen different camps to work in the summer.

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There are 5 words with which I would define myself as a person: responsible, hardworking, charismatic, persistent and dreamer. I love working hard to achieve my goals, it’s something I enjoy.

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I also studied culinary arts for three years, since I love cooking, in the future I intend to combine my two careers and form a large restaurant company.

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I have gained a lot of experience in recent years, two years ago I worked in kitchen in Camp Nashoba North, last year I worked in Camp Horseshoe as assistant chef, I also worked in Santa Fe restaurant a vegetarian and sea food restaurant for a year as a cook, as in a gourmet restaurant. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

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