The top 10 things I love about Coppercreek: 

By Oliver

1.) TAPS, because I get to go rock climbing at ‘The Loading Zone’

2.) Art and crafts, because I get to create things to bring home to my parents

3.) I love the climbing wall because I get to challenge myself on different routes

4.) Fishing, because if I catch the biggest fish in the pond I get to name it

5.) Horseback riding because I don’t get to ride horses at home

6.) Rifelry. If I shoot the shovel I get a ‘shout out’ at lunch. This is when you get a cheer from all of the counselors and I love that

7.) The counselors, because they’re so nice! And they tell really great stories

8.) Going to the lake. I love to wake board, water ski, and knee board. Knee boarding is fun!!

9.) The cabins. Other kids sleep there too and I like making new friends.

10.) Sutter, Becky, and Craig, because they run the camp so well


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