Camp Quotes

By: Natalie Macías and Sophie Hammond

  1. “How long is rest hour?”
  2. “Can you help me start a friendship bracelet?”
  3. “Oh the earth is good to me, and so I thank the earth…”
  4. “When is my lesson and who am I riding?”
  5. “Can I see your schedule?”
  6. “Can we get seconds yet?”
  7. “ARRRRGHHH! WASP!!!!!!!”
  8. “Eyes up heels down; Eyes up heels down”
  9. “Are you our RAT?”
  10. “RAIN!!!!!! REAL RAIN!!!!!!”
  11. “Is that a baby horse?”
  12. “RECON!!!!!!!”
  13. “I lost my water bottle….”
  15. “Why isn’t mini fun on the schedule today?”
  16. “Can I do vaulting for the talent show?”
  17. “I lost my chap stick”
  18. “Who wants to sort out the friendship string box?”
  19. *To Natalie*  “Can we give you a Mohawk?”
  20. “Found a Peanut, Found a peanut, found a peanut just now…”


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