In our day-today lives we often get caught up in the importance of academic and athletic achievements. At camp, however, we focus on character development through unstructured play time, the elimination of competition, and by providing new activities that challenge kids to overcome obstacles and gain self-confidence.

At camp children learn the importance and magic of a positive attitude. From trying to tackle a challenging activity, to growing life long friendships with cabin mates, a camper’s attitude is the key to success. At Coppercreek we always try to avoid the words “I Can’t” and replace the negative thinking with “I’ll Try.” By avoiding the negative mindset, we enable ourselves to accomplish so much more. We hope this positive outlook carries on long after leaving camp.

Campers also learn that growth and accomplishment take time and effort. Without the stress of competition in the classroom or on the athletic field, campers feel less pressured to perfect something right away. We work hard at camp to have campers learn to be supportive of each other and work to improve their own competence rather than judge a peer’s ability. This creates our “place of belonging for all.” We find that when competition is taken away, campers feel much more inclined to try new things in addition to becoming more socially secure. At camp we celebrate small victories, which in return encourages a positive attitude, emotional growth and confidence.

Overall, the camp experience teaches kids about life. With a positive attitude and willingness to try new things, life starts to look a whole lot brighter. _DSC0373

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