Madi McKinstry

Returning to Coppercreek? Wahoo, I’m living my dreams!
IMG_1413Hi everyone! My name’s Madi, and I was a camper for four summers and eventually a CIT for two summers. My last summer was in 2010, so it’s about time I get to come back to the best place in the world! I’m so excited to be returning as a counselor, and can’t wait to meet happy new faces and reunite with old ones. IMG_3616 - Copy

I am from Steamboat Springs, Colorado and currently attend Montana State University in Bozeman. I am working towards a double major in Global & Multicultural Studies and Latin American & Latino Studies. I love to travel and through my ski racing, I’ve been able to visit handfuls of countries in Europe and been fortunate enough to live and train in France for a winter. I also love playing in the meowtains whenever and wherever, and splashing around in any river I come to. And sometimes I like to climb up rocks. 479799_474034265947601_1798518223_n

Where are my capture the flag lovers at? Running through the forest on capture the flag night was probably the highlight of my summers as a camper, so remember your camouflage and let’s play! My boondoggle skills are a tad rusty, so I am looking forward to having boondoggles upon boondoggles hanging off my water bottle again! Can you tell boondoggle is my favorite word?
IMG_4614See you in June! Or July…or August…maybe all three!

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