There are plenty of ways to stay cool and wet at Coppercreek.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding: One of our newest water activities at camp! We take the campers out on the stand up paddle boards on Lake Almanor for an afternoon or splashing, swimming, and even some paddling races. It is a perfect way to enjoy the views of Mount Lassen and possibly even see the bald eagles flying around the lake.408-2

Kayaking: Campers begin by learning all of the basic kayaking skills in our camp swimming pool. They learn not only the skills necessary to control and maneuver their kayak, but also paddling, bracing, turning, and even rolling.DSC_0740

Waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding: Every afternoon camps have the opportunity to go out on Lake Almanor in our ski boat for a spin on the wakeboard, kneeboard, waterskis, or just to swim. We have a boom for campers learning to stand up on the wakeboard or skis and we have a wake-jumping challenge for the more advanced lake adventurers.


Swimming pool: The swimming pool at camp is always popular in afternoons. Campers have free swim time, a chance to take swimming lessons, shoot down the water slide, compete in a water polo game, relax in the sun on the pool deck, or participate in our dorky giving contests.

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Canoeing: On activity nights, campers have the chance to go to Round Valley Lake for an evening of canoeing and lily pad shenanigans. It is always one of our favorite things at camp to paddle around with the campers as the sun goes down, sing campfire songs, listen to the frogs, and tell jokes till our tummies hurt from laughter.025_22A

Fishing: From our ponds to the lakes, there are always fish to catch. We challenge you to see if you can find Elvis!


And sometimes we even make a slip n’ slide!


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