Wacky Olympics kicked off on a cool, beautiful afternoon. The teams entered the playing area with their flags proudly displayed.



After hearing each nation’s song, the games were kicked off and the competition was fierce. Our two youngest cabins entered an intense battle of “Wrap Me Up”. The first person in line had to spin around a stretchy bandage. Then her teammate quickly spun the opposite direction to unwind her teammate and wind herself up. And, on it went until the entire team had passed the bandage down the line by spinning.



How do you feel about “sewing” your team together with large spoons and yarn? These campers passed the spoons through their clothing until the entire team was sewn together.



Team work is critical when you have to travel with a balloon between your foreheads (no hands allowed) through an obstacle course and back again.


Some found it more difficult than others.


Could you describe what your shoe looks like in a pile of 200 hundred shoes and 100 people shouting?


“Is it THIS one?”



Filling a water bucket, using only a water bottle squeezed between your knees (again, no hands allowed) makes for some hilarity and creative thought.


Passing soaking wet sponges over your heads in a heated race against another team, makes for wet contestants and a lot of laughs. This team won the challenge with the most water in the bucket after the time was called.



Ahhhh…that pesky team work again. Carrying a beach ball between three people and negotiating an obstacle course is super difficult.


You might have to ask your camper how this game was played. We were laughing too hard to take notes.



The staff challenge proved to be the most challenging and hysterical. In a relay against the other team, the staff had to pop a balloon between their bodies. Sounds easy…right?  Ummmm… no. It wasn’t. This is the “back-to-back” attempt.






How about the full body slam?



There was a winning team but we were all crying so hard from laughing, we weren’t totally sure which staff team won.

After the dust settled, the balloons were cleaned up and the points tallied, the BLUE JAYS were the big winners!