Please help us fill in first and last names on these photos. Just comment below and I will add them to the photos. So much great history to remember.


Big Boys Tent: Jordon, Willie, Martin, Tim, Eric Grothe,  Robert.


All camp photo- 1979. Names that pop into my head are as follows: TOP ROW– Andy Rothman, Kate Harrington, Martin Horowitz, Eric Grothe, Jean Ann Smith, Ashok, Lornie Lindskog, Ellen Galperson, Tim, Kristi Mulligan, John Lindskog, Robert,

MIDDLE ROW– Willie, Kathy Kaiser, Neil Rector, Cynthia Nomikos, Jeff Weit, Dan Weit.

BOTTOM ROW– Nancy Smith, Steven Grothe, Julie Rector, Emily Elders, Laura Nomikos,

JeffWeitCabinGroupMartin Horowitz, Jeff Weit, Chris Mosely, Steven Grothe, Bill, Frank