We thought it would be fun to give our camp families a little taste of Coppercreek Camp in the off season.

The Hoglands, Craig, Becky, Ryleigh and Makenna, head back to Truckee, CA., their winter home.

photo 2

Becky is the Ticket Manager at Northstar at Tahoe. Many of our camp families see Becky when they are visiting during their family ski vacations. You can hear her cheery voice when you call in to the camp phone number, 1-530-284-7617, or chat with her via the internet.


Craig drives the bus at Northstar when he is not shuttling Ryleigh and Makenna to 100 after school activities or answering a million phone calls from Lornie, at camp, about the pump,  or the ponds, or the backhoe, or why does the tractor sound weird, or where do you keep the chainsaw mix…?


Ryleigh is in 7th grade and plays volleyball for Pinnacle Volleyball Club. She rocks.


Makenna is busy in kindergarten and thinks spending time with her friends is the best.


Sutter just graduated from UC Davis and is taking a few months off (and putting money in her bank account- thankfully) before she heads off to a Masters in Science for Global Health at UCSF.


And Lornie is the personal servant to all the horses at Coppercreek Camp when she isn’t on her computer handling emails, posting on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest or Google+ or this blog…

So now you have had a sneak peek into the exciting life of a camp director in the off season. When are the campers coming? We hope soon!