"We got swag, Emma D!"

“We got swag, Emma D!”

The Lovely Ladies of FBI by Emma D

This all started with our skit, “The Emma D. Rap,”

when the whole camp learned that I’m a bit of a sap.

Yes my 6 lovely ladies did make me cry,

but that is why I love the Ladies of FBI.

I’ll start with Miss Emily, our rookie to Coppercreek Camp.

Even after hurting her ankle in capture the flag,

she is currently on the mountain bike overnight like a champ.

Olivia has been great about trying new things,

she learned how to play guitar (in two weeks) and she is already beautiful when she sings.

I would consider Hannah the random one of the group

her wonderful humor continues to throw me for a loop.

Molly is the one I can easily rely on the most.

She is always smiling, never complains, and is never one to boast.

Laura and Marissa have been with me all the way from the very start.

After almost 10 weeks of living together, I hold their friendship dear to my heart.

All of these girls continue to make my day,

everything from hogging my bed, battling at dinner, and of course, not getting their way.

Tonight at Vespers I may not make you cry….

but I wanted to say that I truly love the ladies of FB

FBI Outpost Night

FBI Outpost Night