“As I say to thousands of staff members at the beginning of every summer, the most valuable thing you can give someone is your undivided attention. Many people think it is your time. The problem is that you can give your time and not be truly “present” because your true attention is elsewhere, either in your own thoughts or drawn to a screen. A case in point: Last spring I witnessed a young father in a park near my house one Saturday morning with his three-year-old son. He was trying to teach him how to hold and use a Whiffle® ball bat. Instead of making steady and continuous eye contact with his son, the man kept looking at his BlackBerry, and the quality of that interaction clearly suffered as a result.” – Bob Ditter


“Another example is found in the work of Philip Zimbardo, emeritus professor of psychology at Stanford University. He has coined a term he calls the “language of face contact.” His studies show that the average teenage boy in the United States plays sixteen hours of video games a week. By the time a boy is twenty-one, he will have played over 10,000 hours of video games. Compare that to the 4,800 hours of study and class time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree or the one-hour-a-week average that a young man spends with his father.”

-Bob Ditter

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