FBI 4th Session 2009

FBI 4th Session 2009

1. Someone else does your laundry

2. You get ice cream if your cabin is clean

3. Waking up to music

4. We choose where to go for activities

5. Your cabin is your family and your counselor is your friend

6. You meet people you never knew who happen to live close

7. You’re given chance to leave camp for things like the lake or the fair

8. No one cares what you wear

9. You make friends from anywhere

10. You never get bored

11. No worries. No stress. No pressure

12. You’re friends with people you’d never be friends with at home

13. There’s something here for everyone

14. You can dance like no one’s watching even when people are watching

15. You feel like you’ve been friends for a lifetime, even if it’s only been a few weeks

16. There’s always someone to cheer you on when you think you’re about to give up, whether on high ropes or at boondoggle

17. The food is amazing

18. The counselors love it here as much as we do

19. You hear songs throughout the year that remind you of camp

20. All counselors are different: loud, funny, quiet, crazy, understanding, neat, messy, happy

21. You can wear your PJ’s to breakfast

22. You can learn from anyone-campers or counselors

23. The shirts become collector’s items

24. If you look on a map it’s a tiny little place, but it holds a MILLION MEMORIES


by-  Maddie Milligan, Emma Shupper, Jackie Monetta,

Savannah Bocknik, Lizzie Goulder, Kara Fellows, Ella Hormel

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