Every other Sunday at camp  is “Opening Day”. There is always excitement in the air:  the staff are freshly cleaned and pressed, the beds bleached, the flaps rolled up, and the dining hall arranged to suit the session.  We thought it would be fun to show you what the campers see when they arrive at Coppercreek Camp.

You will be greeted by friendly faces at the Welcome Table.

Welcome Table

Lucy and Lindsay at the “Welcome Table”

Maybe even a lot of friendly faces because everyone is so excited to meet new campers and wants to be in on the action.

Welcome Table

Lots of friendly faces at the Welcome Table

Then we all head out to the meadow to play a bunch of silly games that make us laugh.

opening day

You might see a bunch of crazy people. But don’t worry. They are actually quite fun.

We will probably play “Pirate Ship”.

Pirate Ship

Attention! Captain on deck!

If you are a little nervous…

opening day

…I’m not so sure about all these crazy people…

Don’t worry. We will make sure you will be ok.

opening day

The Crow’s Nest

And get you  up and running in no time!

opening day

We will probably play until everyone has made new friends.

opening day

New friends

Counselors will help you.

opening day

And before you know it, you will feel  like you have been here for weeks and know everyone.

And the name tags- everyone wears them for the first couple of hours but by dinner, they aren’t necessary anymore because we will know your name.

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