On opening night of each session, our campfires take on a little bit different plan. We take an “all camp picture”.  (We plan a special surprise for parents using this picture.)

All Camp Picture- Third Session

All Camp Picture- Third Session

We sing some really silly songs to get everyone laughing and having fun.


You can’t ride in my little red wagon!


Each cabin group gets up and introduces themselves. We like to know everyone’s name, where they are from and how many years they have been coming to camp. The winner of most years, by a camper,  was 9. This session we have campers and staff from: England, Scotland, Ireland, China, Japan, and Mexico. Oh, and Greenville, CA. :^)


Then we sing some more silly songs.




After all the introductions and songs, we all cross arms,  hold hands and sing “Taps”. Then each counselor gathers their flock and heads to the cabins for bedtime.

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