“Ode to a Hammock”

(A controversial poem)

Oh hammock, Oh hammock

You fabulous thing

You hang from high branches

And with thee, I swing

Your colors they vary

With each special hue

You are your own rainbow

My own smiley ‘U’

I can spend hours

Just chillin’ in your embrace

The world whirling around me

While the campers all play

But the greatest joy you bring

Is not on your own

It’s best when you have company

Best when you’re not alone

With a friend or two or three

Just hanging at either side

You couldn’t find better neighbors than that

No matter how hard you tried

When the sun starts to set

And my energy rises

The allure of the hammock

Nearly triples in size(s)

All of my neighbors

(Or friends may they be)

Transform into apes!

Gorillas! Monkeys!

So we do as the primates

Do with such grace

Why, we swing of course!

As hard as our hammocks can take!

The trees that carry us

In our hammocks’ laps

Begin to bend and bow

They look like they’ll snap!

And just as it seems

We’ve reached the peak of our fun

Becky appears, as if

Sent from above

Her hands on her hips

She asks, “Now friends,

Does this really seem

Like the best of our options?”

She points down at a friend

On the ground with the nurse

“If you all keep this up

You’re all gonna get hurt!”

So we get a bit embarrassed

We turn a little red

Becky continues “Look,

You’ve only got one head!

I think it’s so fun

To watch you all sway

So be gentle! Please!

Don’t make me take your hammocks away,”

We all wave goodbye

As to her work, Becky goes back

And we decide all at once:

We’re just gonna relax.

We chat as we sit

In the nice sunny weather

As we joke and tease we realize

It’s nice to just be together

And really, isn’t that

the reason we came?

To have fun here at camp

with friends (No matter how insane!)

Now, when I spend time

In my little hammock town

I remember that I’m glad

Just to have my friends around

So once again, hammock,

Since this poem is for you

I’d like to say one last thank you

For all that you do

And to all of my friends

Counselors, mothers, whatever,

Thanks for making hammock time this summer

At least (1, 2, 3-) 4 times better.

-Grace Daverson, Session 4, 2018


Grace and Chloe- Junior Counselors Summer 2018

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