Hi, my name is Tyler Murphy. I am from a place called Canyon Lake in Southern California. This will be my fifth year at Coppercreek Camp, my second in a row as a counselor.



When not at camp, I currently work at Sports Authority and my dad’s business. My goal someday is to become a police officer. In my spare time, I like to get outside, play sports like tennis, and just hang out with friends.



I think that the thing I am looking forward to most about going back to camp is just being able to be at Coppercreek again. It is just such a fun place to be with so many different people and activities that there is always chances to shoot some hoops, start up an ultimate Frisbee game, hit the low ropes course with your cabin, and so many other things to do.



I’m a fun, adventurous person who’s gone scuba diving in Costa Rica, jumped out of an airplane, and taken a selfie with a llama in Maccu Piccu.


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