Hey Guys! You’re probably the only ones who haven’t heard that I will be spending my summer at Coppercreek camp as a riding instructor. This is my very first camp and I cannot wait to get out there!

A few important things that you guys should know about me:

I’m pretty short- but that doesn’t make me any better at hide and seek!

Hide and Seek

Hike and Seek

Horse riding has been my life for as long as I can remember and I wouldn’t change that for the world! Show jumping is where my passion lies but I spent my childhood racing around poles and dangling off my gymkhana pony- that’s about the only thing I got too tall for!

Tyla jumping

Tyla jumping her horse.

I live in the good ol’ West Country- there isn’t a lot to do in Devon so we have to make our own fun. The sea is never too cold to swim in and no rock shall be left unturned.


I am just about finishing my degree in Criminology at Plymouth University not that I want to leave! I have got back into Trampolining and I love my Trampies! What can be more fun than throwing yourself into a pit of foam!


Vaulting without a horse!

I can’t wait to get to camp and have a few more adventures and meet loads of new people! See you all in June!

Watch a cute video of Tyla teaching 5 year old Sahara how to jump and be a big girl.

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