Meet Zannah!


My name is Zannah, I’m from England and I’ll be teaching English horse riding and Art and Crafts this summer. I live in a city called Gloucestershire in the middle of the countryside where we’re famous for our cheese, our pigs and the famous Cheese Rolling festival where people race down an almost vertical hill after a wheel of cheese (no really, look it up!). 1025

I’ve ridden horses since I was 4 years old and have been addicted ever since, so I can’t wait to be able to spend all of camp away from all the British rain in the gorgeous Californian sun. I haven’t been to the USA before, so you’ll have to cut me some slack if I get a bit confused, because in the UK: Pants are called trousers, underwear are called pants, potato chips are called crisps and French fries are called chips (phew!). All the rumors you’ve probably heard about the English and their love of cups of tea are absolutely 100% true, so I’ll definitely be bringing my own stash of tea bags! 12823042_10208871353881451_503887955_o

I go to University in the middle of the city of Reading, 20 mins from London, and I study Biology. I love fancy dress and face paint; I still feel pretty smug about my home made giraffe fancy dress outfit I made with my best friend! When I’m not studying you’ll either find me baking (and definitely snacking) in the kitchen or drawing at my desk.247627_3091363540947_1816019876_n
I’m a huge animal person and have two of probably the biggest and shaggiest dogs you’ve seen! This is Finn, in the summer he has a habit of licking all the sun block off your legs as soon as you put it on, and then sitting on you so you can’t put any more on. I’ve worked with birds of all shapes and sizes from huge eagle owls to little yellow chicks. 12722510_10208860652293918_364563189_o

I’m a big lover of travelling, and love to experience new cultures and ways of life. I taught English in a summer school for 2 summers in China and it was an incredible experience, with delicious food and mind blowing scenery. The Great Wall of China was mind blowing! 312 - Copy

I’m so excited to come to camp and spend my summer in California, I can’t wait to meet you all!Owl Santuary - Me and Willow

See you there, not long now…


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