Ronan the Babe-arian

Ronan the Babe-arian

Meet Ronan the Conqueror!

Resistance is futile!

Although I’m only 20 months old, I am, and have always been, the rightful heir to the throne of humanity. Don’t forget it! Born in late July, I am a Leo in every sense of the word. My name Ronan ( is one to be feared and obeyed for I am the first of the seven Seals. My demeanor is gentle, but cross me and you’ll experience the fullness of my wrath.

Ronan in the woods 2

In the beginning I was known commonly as Ronan the Babe-arian. But then I grew, and as I grew I developed talents for devastation and soon became known as, Ronan the Destroyer. In my fullest form, and as you will come to know me, I stand alone on a white horse, Ronan the Conqueror, lord and master over all that I survey. You will bow to me and claim fealty to my dominion or be crushed and sold as wheat and barley to feed the hogs. I offer, with your allegiance, my protection that you may be spared from the Black and Red Riders, and my endorsement with the Pale rider that you may also be spared from an afternoon of me crying because I didn’t get my way.

Ronan and his pale white horse???- ummm

Ronan and his mighty steed

Watch me closely because I will wander far and wide if not properly monitored and I have yet to learn of the dangers of this Earthly abode. And, like any wild thing, please do not feed me. The body that I inhabit is not accustomed to modern foods and requires a special diet that is Dairy and Gluten Free.

To know me is to love me. To love me is to serve me. To serve me is to be loved by me.

Ronan blue eyes 3


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