Mark Paterson – Master of the Mohawk, King of Soccer, Electro Music Listener and Oreo Cookie connoisseur.
2014 will be my 3rd year coming to Coppercreek Camp and I intend to make it the best year yet!


A little bit about me. I come from a small town in Scotland called Clydebank, which is a famous town that was hit during World War 2 by the Germans (Little history lesson). Across the pond I am currently a Soccer coach at a charitable foundation called the Celtic FC Foundation. What I do is similar to what I do at camp, I make sure kids are happy doing things they love doing and I show this through soccer. I go into schools and teach kids ages 8-16 years.

Why I love camp?

I love camp because I feel it is my second home. Coming to camp at first was an exciting but nervous time in my life. Exciting because it was a new challenge and stepping stone in my life.  On the other hand, I had every right to be nervous as I didn’t know anyone and didn’t think I would be accepted but, thankfully that changed dramatically as all the staff, old and new, were there with open arms. Everyone at Coppercreek is welcoming and warm to everyone, both staff and campers.

Other than coaching kids soccer, I do play a little at an Amateur level on  Saturday mornings as well as playing amongst my friends during the week. Soccer is my one true passion and at camp,  people always like to ask questions about my background or the “How did you get so good?” question. I also have a thing for gaming, technology and graphics design and hopefully, in the future, I am able to open my own graphics company.


This is just a little piece about my life and hopefully I will see you all this summer.

 Happy Camping!


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