Curley the Barn Owl


Hello Coppercreek Campers! My name is Loretta and I am excited for my first year at camp!
A little about myself, I currently attend California State University Stanislaus where I am working toward a degree in Biology so that I can go on to Veterinary School! While going to school, I work at the Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center in Hughson, CA as an Animal Care Coordinator. It is my responsibility to help sick, injured and orphaned animals feel better so that they can return to the wild where they belong.


Yogi Bear and BooBoo Bear

As for pets … I have many! I have two goats, eight cats, two dogs, a horse and two guinea fowl. My passion in life is, and always has been, animals. I love being able to help them and I also love educating others about how they can help animals!



Aside from working and going to school, I enjoy horseback riding, spending time with my family and friends, making people laugh and just about anything that involves being around animals! Recently, I have started learning American Sign Language! It is a beautiful language and I encourage more people to learn it – I am happy to teach anybody what I know!