Hello, my name is Jonathan Cizmar. I am a camp counselor, Trek leader, and this is my second year at Coppercreek Camp. I am 26 years old, married, and adventure is what I do best, including outdoor travel on land, water, and snow. I love being at camp and being an outdoor guide to show others what the world has to offer. Plumas County, CA is currently my playground and I have spent the last few years exploring, climbing and descending all over the beautiful mountains around us.


Besides living in Plumas County, many other places, experiences, and people in my life have helped shaped my character. I am originally from the surrounding Los Angeles area in southern California and surfing was and still is my favorite activity there.


Since then, I have spent many years in Colorado, Oregon, and northern California traveling where snowboarding and winter backcountry travel has been a fun and favorite activity, a form of surfing where my feet are strapped in and I can go bigger and do more turns.


Since then, another world of gravity sports I have enjoyed is whitewater kayaking and rafting on rivers. It has brought me to some of the most beautiful scenery and shared so many experiences with others, like no other. I recently took my whole family down the East Branch of the Feather River on rafts to share, and they loved it and can’t wait to come back to do it again. I hope to take people down rivers more often to share the beauty of the best country of the world, USA!


I have learned so much in my 26 years of life and I have been to many different schools. I graduated high school in 2004 at Valencia High, CA. I have two AA degrees, one in Automotive Technology from DADC and the other in Outdoor Recreation Leadership from Feather River College. I will continue my education at Humboldt State University this year to obtain a BA in Recreation Administration. I enjoy studying about outdoor recreation and it has helped me find a meaning and purpose in our crazy consuming society. I enjoy and excel in taking others outdoors to teach about land conservation, backcountry ethics, geology, ecosystems, survival, and safety. It has helped build a solid structure about the environment we live in, how to use its resources, be sustainable, but most of all having fun and enjoy our lives.


What I love most about Coppercreek Camp is the sense of community. Campers and people alike come together to spend quality time in the outdoors. We truly live in one of the most beautiful places of northern California in the colliding mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada and Cascades. I am very happy to live here and to show others cool spots and activities.



Being at Coppercreek Camp makes us better people by going out and having experiences that we would not have anywhere else. The friendships and relationships we have with one another at camp will be remembered always for the rest of our lives. We can be who we are and do what we represent. Be good people, follow your heart, and do what is right. I’ll see you this summer 2013 at Coppercreek Camp.



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