Hi, Jamie Carty, I’m 23 years and I’m from the England. This is my first at Coppercreek Camp and I can’t wait to get stuck in.


When I was younger, my dad took me camping, and with him being in the British Army, we always did more than just sleeping in tents. He would teach me how to survive on the basics and how to find my way home using the North Star, but he never got to the part where I should take note of where my house is before heading out… And it was daylight, so I was lost for 5 hours with a sun burn. Thanks Dad.


I have a college diploma in TV and film production and I hope to run my own successful video content company. In my spare time I am an online video producer for YouTube and my website.I am also a professional voice actor starring in many projects including video games.

Although I haven’t done any acting for a while I do have professional experience on stage playing a loveable yet clumsy detective and an upper class father.

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