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Hi everyone my name is Hayley!! I come from a small town in Bonny Scotland and this will be my first time at Camp. I am super excited and can’t wait for a fun packed summer and to meet new people.

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So here is a little bit about me… I eat sleep and breathe horses!! I’m currently at College studying my HND in Equine Studies and when I’m not at college riding or with the horses, I’m working with them…and when I’m not working with them I’m with my own horses who I love to compete.

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I also teach at the local Pony Clubs at the weekends, which I love!

When I do find spare time, I love spending time with my friends and family.  We are a really close family unit and all as silly as each other!! My family also includes my 4 legged best friend Jack who comes everywhere with me.

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I am an easy going person and full of life!!! I often get asked where my energy comes from… I thrive on having fun, and enjoying everything I do. I am really looking forward to Camp, even more so hearing and reading everyone’s experiences. I cant wait to make my own.

Look forward to meeting everyone and see you all in 6 weeks an counting!!!

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