Meet Charlotte!
Hello! I am Charlotte. I am 23 years old and live in the Netherlands near by Amsterdam. I have a great passion for horses since I was little. Every Saturday I was at the horse barn to help the instructors with their lessons. A little horse addict.
When I was 12 years old my parents bought a piece of land with a little barn on it.  A few months later we bought our first pony. We still own her. My best friend. She is a real alrounder! I did a lot of jumping training with her and she is really experienced in the outback trails. My sister trained her dressage and now, on at the age of 20, she is riding with children. Some of those are riding championships with her. I am very proud of my little pony.
Five years ago, I bought my own Andalusian foal. I raise her myself. In between working with her, I was teaching young horses. Now I am riding my own Andalusian mare and she is going great!
One other great passion of my is diving! I started a few years ago and now I am addicted! It started in Koh Tao in Thailand. I saw beautiful natural creatures there, it was amazing! A year later I traveled to Indonesia with my mom. Diving there was a real turtle experience!
I like to work with children, people and animals (especially horses). When I was 19 I worked the whole summer at a horse camp in Holland. That was also an amazing time with a lot of adventures. I also groom dogs! image5
I look forward for this summer. I like to meet you all and make a really special time together. Time we will never forget! Think it will be great!
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