Meet Cathal, (the oldest son of Devin and Sinead- see blog posts from 4/22/2013 and 4/23/2013)

Cathal Mettler

Cathal Mettler

Hello Everyone,

This will be my second time coming to Copper Creek Camp and my first summer there. I am a very bright, handsome, multi-lingual, 4 ½ year old, dual citizen of Ireland and the US. When I’m not creating works of art with finger paints, crayons, and paper mache, or riding my bike through the biggest puddles I can find, I like to ponder the deepest existential questions of human kind like, ‘How did the first baby get into his mommy’s tummy?’, and other such philosophical paradoxes. But, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy throwing rocks into ponds, playing games and chasing dogs just as much as the next kid… maybe even more.

Cathal climbing

As a budding engineer I have grown quite fond of Lego and have graduated from the Mega Blox into the more traditional ‘small’ pieces (don’t let Ronan eat them) that were liberated from Granddad’s attic during the Great Removal of 2013. I like to build towers, garages, and multi-story castle complexes in my spare time. Be ready for me to enlist your help in the many projects that I have planned this summer. With me around you will never be bored or lack for things to do. If you are lucky and a hard worker you may be rewarded with a small amount of babysitting time and/or the chance to read to me, play with me, or entertain me.

Cathal driving 2

I plan to be in as many places as I can at Camp like the pool, horses, small animals, and the pond, so be ready to see me running around and causing trouble. Remember, I am intelligent and highly verbal so expect to have to explain yourself when you see me doing something I’m not supposed to do, or when you are trying to get me to do something that I am supposed to be doing. If you follow some simple rules and heed my wishes, we should get along just fine.

Cathal riding

Slán abhaile!


Cathal skiing