Hellooooo Coppercreekers!

My name is Blaine, and I am from little ol’ Wooster, Ohio.
When I am working in the real world, I go to school full time!
I am currently attending the University of Akron, with the intent to major in Early Childhood Education.

Some hobbies of mine range from taking hikes, being outdoors and going on adventures, crafting friendship bracelets, playing lacrosse, taking pictures of my adorable cat Luna, and working at an awesome sandwich place called Spoon (come check it out if you’re ever in town)!

Lucky for me, I’ll be returning for a second year as a counselor!


Although Coppercreek was not my first summer camp I attended, it was the only one I continuously returned to. What I value most about Coppercreek is that it is a place where everyone is accepted for who they truly are. Campers and counselors, alike, are one giant family that come together to enjoy the many amazing experiences that Coppercreek has to offer.



At Coppercreek I feel like I have done it all; from horseback riding camp with Lornie, to TREK-ing through the Trinity Alps, camp has always been one of my favorite places on IN THE WORLD. Just a few of my favorite activities at camp (if I had to choose) would be playing lacrosse in the meadow, Name Ball on the volleyball court, showing campers the ropes around the climbing wall, and most of all weaving campers around on the ever so beautiful Lake Almanor!



The opportunities to explore are endless here!

Looking forward to a summer of many great memories and laughs!

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