Hi everyone, my name is Austin and this will be my first time ever going to camp and I’m really excited to meet you all! I just graduated from Miami University in Oxford OH (Not Florida) after majoring in Zoology. I grew up on a farm in Oxford PA where I learned to love being outdoors and exploring.

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I’m a big fan of backpacking, hiking, biking, camping, sailing, and mountain biking and I try to take the opportunity to do all of these things as often as possible. This past spring break, my friends and I  went snowboarding in Colorado (my first time ever, yes it was awesome when I wasn’t laying face down in the snow) and then we went backpacking in Zion National Park in Utah where we had a 4 day backpacking trip planned. But all of the trails were covered in snow so we did it anyway and it was a great time.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be doing anything else at the time.

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Aside from nature I also love rock and roll; I have been playing the drums in a band called “Octopus for Good” for the past two years. I don’t limit myself to just drums, I still enjoy singing, playing guitar, and trying to learn any instrument someone puts in front of me.

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I love to play all sports! In high school I played football, baseball, and ran track and field all at the same time. In college I have played just about everything else including my intramural experiences in basketball, softball, and ultimate Frisbee. I just think it’s a lot of fun to be out running around with some friends. So I’m really excited to play games with all of you and be outdoors all summer long.

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I’m not all sports, science, and serious; I love to be silly whenever I get a chance. This year my friends and I dressed up as Mt. Rushmore for Halloween. I’m also known far and wide for my legendary dance moves, or at least in oxford OH and I can’t wait to break it down with everyone and strut my stuff on the dance floor.

I can’t wait to meet all of you, I’ll see you at camp!