Hi Everyone, my name is Andrea! I am originally from Thousand Oaks, just outside of Los Angeles, but have spent that last almost six years up in Davis, California.


I currently work as a tutor, and co-manage a free clinic for the homeless in downtown Sacramento. I was lucky enough to come up to visit camp on a volunteer retreat last spring, and am super excited to be coming out as a counselor this summer!


My family is extremely outdoorsy, and I grew up backpacking, camping, biking, and fishing in the Sierras and elsewhere in the states several times a year. I love being outside, and will make almost any excuse to get away to the mountains.



If I am not outside, and not doing some boring, responsible adult activity, I am likely playing a musical instrument. My instrument of choice is the guitar, but I have some skills on the ukulele and keyboard, as well as minor skills on the trumpet and cello.


I am excited to share my love of the outdoors and music this summer, and can’t wait to meet you all.



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