We have some really awesome ponies at Coppercreek Camp but PHINNEY won this award (again) this summer for her work ethic, willingness to adjust to her rider, and the many hours she trotted from “H” to “M” without complaint.


Phinney is the quintessential “fairy tale” pony, with her delicate face, beautiful mane and tail and, of course, her luscious, white coat. (Her tongue is pretty cute, too! See above picture.)


This little pony has taught many, many girls and boys how to ride, from their first introduction to…


… two point trotting….


…to the beginning of jumping.


She only goes as fast as her rider asks and HAPPILY walks if her rider gets distracted.


She has put a smile on many campers over the years.


Phinney is fine if her rider wears faux fur, pink tights and cowboy boots.


And, she will stand for endless braiding.

Phinney is what every riding instructor calls “gold” and wants in their lessons. Older campers will remember Phinney as a wild, energetic pony but as she has grown older and wiser, she has settled into (almost) the perfect lesson pony. She may get a little grouchy about her girth and sometimes wants to go right when her rider asks her to go left, but other than that, every camper who has been assigned Phinney ends up loving her.  She is just about as perfect as a pony can be. We love her and hope she is with us for many, many more years.

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