_MG_2860I’ve been a camper looking up to JCs for my whole life; they always seem to be having the most fun, being louder and acting crazier than everyone else. Being a JC is amazingly fun, of course, but it’s more than that, too. It takes responsibility, which has helped me get other jobs throughout the year too, from waitress positions to long-term nanny jobs. It is also hard work, which has made me appreciate how much people do behind the scenes at camp. _MG_2759As a JC, your days are never the same: one day you can be leading horses, another checking supplies for Outpost, and some (the best ones!) going to Quincy on a supply run for the day’s pool party. More than anything, being a JC is an opportunity to make lifelong friendships. I cannot even begin to stress how important my little JC community has been to me in getting through the hardest of times. Emma D has a tradition: every night before bed, we go around the cabin and talk about our happy thoughts from that day. Being a JC is a constant stream of happy thoughts, and I thought I would share some of mine with you.

_MG_29246/25/13: Learning how to belay on the climbing wall, night off pizza and shakes, “Tussin!” at the Dollar Store

6/26/13: Doing our Backstreet Boys dance at the talent show, sitting in lawn chairs when the sun came out after lunch

7/1/13: Running into the field and looking at the amazing sunset during Teen Social Night, jumping in the pool with Emma D to cool down, meeting Raph before breakfast

7/9/13: All the JCs being at slingshots, “Camille it’s quite steep, can I hold your hand?” – Cathal, night off pizza and milkshakes again, amazing stars at Round Valley Lake – best day of my life? maybe
_MG_2563Written by Camille Larkins, camper, CIT, and JC for years and years.