The night I realized I would be spending my summer as staff at copper creek camp it felt like the night before camp started every summer for 8 years. Chills, absolute chills. There is nothing more exciting than knowing you will land in Reno and drive for a couple of hours filled with mixed feelings. The nerves and the excitement make me feel like a little kid again on my way to board the battleship.



My name is Emiliano de las Fuentes and I am from Mexico. I am currently a junior in college where I’m majoring in Economics and Finance. I am passionate about sports, whether it is trying new ones or competing at a high level in others, there is no activity I won’t do. In camp, my schedule favorites include: mountain biking, nameball, super secret surprise activity, and my #1 highlight: capture the flag!!! As a camper, I admired staff members and considered them important role models when I was growing up. I wish to assume that role and make a positive impact on this years’ campers, or at least get some ab crunching laughs out of them. Summer can’t get here fast enough!



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