Hi! I am Ella and I live on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the south coast of England. I cannot wait to come to Coppercreek and experience California while helping to improve others riding skills and experience at the camp. This will also be my first ever trip to America, so I can’t wait to experience everything your beautiful country has to offer.



I’ve been working at a riding school on the Island for two years and have thoroughly enjoyed enhancing my equestrian skills and helping others learn. I’m excited to bring my experiences to California and develop them further within Coppercreek Camp.


When I’m not at the stables, I enjoy going on lovely country walks with my golden retriever, taking photographs of wildlife and going camping with my family and friends (and pets). I am looking forward to sleeping under the stars at camp and seeing all the different kinds of wildlife there is in California.


I can’t wait to meet everyone in June and have a fantastic summer at Coppercreek!

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