Meet Blaine!

Hey you, you’re a real cool cat.  You got a lot of this, and a lot of that, so come on down and…Oh wait I’m sorry, sometimes I get a little bit carried away when I start thinking about Coppercreek.  Pic 4

My name is Blaine Hostetler and I am from Wooster, Ohio.  This will be my third year coming back to be a counselor and I couldn’t be more excited!  In the time I don’t spend at camp I am a full time student at The University of Akron.pic 2

Some hobbies of mine range from perfecting the ultimate grilled cheese, learning new tricks at aerial and acro yoga, obsessing over how awesome my cat Luna is, and even writing a little bit here and there for a blog I recently started. Pic 3

A few fun facts about me; I am a vegetarian and have been for seven years!  I have mastered the art of friendship bracelet making. Grilled cheese is my favorite food.  Cherry coke is my absolute weakness, I can’t pass it up. Pic 6

Some of my favorite activities around camp would include archery, yoga, lacrosse, cookie baking, kayaking, and doing some climbing on the rock wall.  Although, if I had to choose one favorite activity it would be going to Lake Almanor.  Whether it’s in the morning or the afternoon I can show you how to kneeboard, wakeboard, or even water-ski on beautiful Lake Almanor.  pic 5

What I look forward to most this summer will be spending an endless amount of time on the lake, seeing just how many friendship bracelets I can make for every girl in my cabin, eating five grilled cheeses on grilled cheese day (minimum), singing at the top of my lungs to Don’t Stop Believin’, meeting new faces and reconvening with the old, but most of all a summer at Coppercreek with many great memories and deep belly laughs. Pic 1

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