Meet AlexandraAlexandra 3

Greetings from Northern Ireland!

Hi, my name is Alexandra McCusker. I am from Northern Ireland, UK. This will be my first summer with Coppercreek Camp and I am super excited to become a member of the family as a Riding Instructor.Alexandra 1

I am a final year University Student at Queens University Belfast where I study Business Management. I am hoping to carry on next year and get my Masters degree before finally growing up and getting a job… maybe.Alexandra 2

I have been riding horses since I was six years old and since then I have fallen in love with them more and more every year. So much so, that I spend every moment I have, and every penny I earn riding and spending time on a yard.Alexandra 5

I am a talkative, enthusiastic and fun loving. I never miss the chance to dress up and I just about always randomly break out into song and dance in public. I know that the camp environment will be a perfect place to be myself and most importantly have fun with everyone.Alexandra 4

I can’t wait to get to Coppercreek and meet everyone, have a good time, spend time with the horses, try new things and make some of the best memories and friends that I will cherish for years to come.

See you all soon!Alexandra 6

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