Hello all! I’m Michael, and I am beyond psyched to be staff this year. While it’s my first year on staff, this will be my 8th year at camp. I started as a camper and have gone through both the CIT and JC programs since then. Since I started the leadership programs I’ve wanted to come back to be staff once I was able to. I’ve created memories and friendships to last a lifetime.
I was born and raised in the East San Francisco Bay. I’m attending community college to work towards a sound engineering degree to continue my work in theater, which I have been doing professionally for the past two and a half years. On top of theater, I also enjoy going out into nature and just exploring wherever I can, be it on a bike or on foot, and taking pictures of the beautiful scenery I find.
I can’t wait to bond with the campers and show them just how amazing camp truly is, as well as just to be back at camp in general. It’s going to be great!
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