Hi everyone! My name is Sera and this will be my third summer at Coppercreek! I am so excited for yet another awesome summer filled with laughter, singing silly songs, outpost nights under the stars, and so so many other amazing fun-filled activities I get to share with you!


I am really into being outdoors and exploring what nature has to offer, so I love to go on hikes whenever and wherever I can! The most recent and notable adventure I went on was to Oregon, where I went on an immense amount of beautiful, breathtaking hikes. One week was just not enough! Aside from Oregon, I regularly go hiking around the beautiful county that I live in, Sonoma County, here in California. Sonoma County and the Bay Area have so many beautiful places to hike and explore, so many that I just haven’t been able to see them all just yet! But, just being outdoors and having the amazing luck to live in such a beautiful place is enough to keep me happy.


One of the reasons I first applied for Coppercreek two years ago is because I love working with kids and am working on earning my Teaching Credential so that I can teach, both here in California and hopefully abroad. Being able to work with kids inspires me. Any opportunity I can get to work with kids, you can bet I will take it. This includes the three years I worked at an amazing after school program through CalSERVES/Americorps, where I got to teach my own classroom full of children, and learn from them as they learned from me.


I am beyond excited for camp to start, and I cannot wait to see/meet all of you!


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