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SmugMug photos and camp store products are available at our cost through Friday December 4th! Create
beautiful gift cards with photos from summer 2015 on SmugMug and stock up on Coppercreek gear for gifts this holiday season.
Coppercreek happy thoughts journals, photos, mugs, or sweatshirts are the perfect holiday gifts for all the campers on your list!
 Giving Tuesday
For those families who are participating in Giving Tuesday, please consider a contribution to The Coppercreek Camp Memorial Fund.
ALL proceeds are used to provide camp scholarships to children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience Coppercreek.
Donations of over $300 will receive a special gift from us.
As we approach this special time of the year, we remember John, Lynne and Lauren and their amazing contributions to children through Coppercreek Camp. During December we will be focusing on our Memorial Fund. Find blog posts from previous scholarship recepients each week.
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