Sat 7-24 Morning Activities 130


Coppercreek Camp is more than just a place for big adventures

where best friends are made in just two short weeks

where hair wraps are a skill of the gods, so-to-speak

where the word “clean” is completely redefined

where the goats never like to stay confined

where getting up on the wakeboard is an admirable feat

where mosquitoes never run out of things to eat

where dirt gets into places you never thought possible

where CIT’s do it like a boss, fasho

where drinking water is as necessary as breathing

where wasps find a home in Galaxy’s ceiling

where friendship bracelets are worth more than gold

where ice cream sundaes are prizes to behold

where Capture the Flag is a way of life

where last minute skits cause major strife

where Spasm the cat evades death on the daily

but now that I think about it, I haven’t seen him lately…

where fears are conquered 40 feet in the air

where table setting causes great despair

where there’s nothing like taking that post-TREK shower

or actually sleeping during rest hour

where a package is like a present from Heaven

where you can’t ride in my little red wagon

where Derbus hangs out when your’re skipping to school

where CIT’s ALWAYS have to get in the pool

where the only grade that matters is cabin clean-up

where when we’re saying goodbye, we sing along “what’s up?”

where the dances surpass all by far

where outposts are spent looking at the stars

where it’s perfectly normal to break into song

and expect everyone around you to start singing along

where flip flop tans are all the rage

where time flies, no matter your age

Maddie and Lauren

Maddie and Lauren

It’s a place where no one stops believing,

a place a heart don’t forget

It’s a wolf pack party

for those who went on T-Dub TREK

Where I will follow you into the dark

singing, “Hey Juliet”

Where I believe in a thing called love

or something like that

Where summer girls come and summer girls go

but Tayswift’s always blasting from the stereo

Where I take a deep breath and I get real high

cause every little thing is gonna be all right

Whether we’re from France, the Bay, or Mexico

Coppercreek will always be our second home

I’m leaving on a jet plane

Don’t know when I’ll be back again

But I know I had to the time of my life.

opening day games

Tim and Lauren at opening day games.

-Lauren Wong

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