Hello! My name is Mayra. I am a very kind person. I love to travel and meet people, as well as to know the typical food of the places where I go. Above all to admire the landscapes, I really love it.
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I hope this summer to learn a lot from you, in your culture, language, food, people … Oh! I am excited to meet you, to know the place, to be able to play with the children, to talk with them, to meet people from other countries and their stories.
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I think the important thing is to make a huge connection with all the people with whom I will work, although for me it is not work, it will really be living in a dream.
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I searched the internet for the camp and I was really amazed to know that in a few months I will be there. It is so beautiful, so fresh, so natural, and I think that it makes everything even better to be able to get away from time of the chaos of the city and be immersed in what really matters, which are the people and all they have to discover. That’s what I hope for this summer, to be able to share all this fun with you!
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