Catherine Allan

DSC01172My name is Catherine Allan and I am from a small village in Scotland called Muckhart, it’s very near Edinburgh. This is my first time coming to Coppercreek and I am so excited – I have never been to California before! When I’m not at camp I am studying at university but this year I have taken a gap year and have spent my free time traveling. For the last 4 months I have been in South Africa working on a Game Reserve with Elephants, it’s called Adventures with Elephants. I helped look after and feed the Elephants as well as looking after all the guests that came to visit! I also spent some time in Zimbabwe riding polo ponies and working on a farm. It was great fun!IMG_8199

When I’m in Scotland and not travelling I work in a little café/restaurant as a waitress and cook. My main hobby is Horse riding and that is what I am going to teach at Coppercreek. My horse in Scotland is called Archie and we do 3 day eventing; that’s Dressage, Showjumping and Cross country – last year we were part of the Scottish Eventing team! My favorite part of eventing is the cross country, I love galloping through the fields, jumping big jumps!3

I also love baking – cakes, cupcakes and cookies are my favorites. Other sports I enjoy are hockey and swimming. I am definitely looking forward to coming to Coppercreek to do some riding and teaching, and learn how to vault and drive miniature horses. I am also very excited to live in camp and enjoy the American experience – can’t wait for all the campfires and activities!  hockey

My favorite animal is a Meerkat – in South Africa the family I lived with had a rescued meerkat called Trouble who was very friendly and tame. His favorite thing to do in the mornings was to cuddle in bed with me and he loved hot dog sausages!IMG_1487

I love travelling! I want to see as many different countries and cultures as possible in my life. I am very lucky in that I’ve been able to travel a lot – I’ve been to places like Costa Rica, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe and Zimbabwe and have loved every minute of it!