• 4 long pants like jeans (baggy pants without belts do not work well at camp)
• 6 pairs shorts
• 10 T-shirts
• One all white plain T-shirt if you’d like to Tie Dye
• 2 long sleeved shirts
• 10 pair underwear
• 10 pair socks
• 2 pair pajamas or sweats to sleep in
• 1 pair sandals for bathroom and swimming pool (flip-flops, Tevas, etc.)
• 1 or 2 pairs tennis shoes
• 1 warm hat and 1 hat for sun protection 
• 2 sweatshirts, flannel shirts, or fleece pull-overs
• 1 waterproof jacket and 1 warm down jacket 
• 1 bathing suit (please, no string bikinis)
• twin-size fitted sheet to cover the camp mattress.
• sleeping bag
• extra blanket
• pillow and 2 pillow cases
• 2 laundry bags
• 2 regular towels and 2 wash cloths 
• 1 beach towel
• day pack
• personal water bottles
• sunglasses
    • equipment needed for your job!
• toothbrush
• toothpaste
• Kleenex
• comb
• brush
• sunscreen
• hand lotion
• insect repellent
• lip balm with sunscreen
• shampoo
• conditioner
• soap or shower gel
• pictures from home
• stationary and stamps
• addresses
• envelopes or postcards
• pen/pencils
   •  flashlight – extra batteries
• books or magazines
• costumes for dances and dress up dinners 
    •     journal
• Bathrobe (shower houses are centrally located)
• camera, laptop, cell phone (please know that electronics will only be used on your time off and must be kept in the staff house) 
Laundry is done about once a week.
Weather can be 40 degrees F to 100 degrees F. 
I would pack enough toiletries to last you a week and then on your first day off you can make a trip to Walmart to stock up on supplies for the rest of the summer. 
Horse Riding Staff: I recommend shipping your boots and a helmet here. It can be bulky to pack your own. You can also order from places like SmartPack or Dover if you don’t want to ship from overseas. 
Support Staff: In the kitchen you have to wear long pants and close toed shoes. Out of the kitchen, you can wear shorts and sandals. A rubber shoe can be great for cleaning bathrooms (very inexpensive at Walmart). 
You will want bug repellant and sunscreen! Every year our staff from the UK come wanting the California tan and end up sun burned the first day.


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