Hello everyone, my name is Kaleb Bock and this will be my first year at Coppercreek Camp as a counselor.


I am from Bakersfield, CA, just finished my 3rd year at CSUB. I am studying Physical Therapy with hopes of being able to work with athletes. My dream is to be a sports PT for the NFL or NBA.


I’ve always been a simple guy. Grew up going backpacking in Mineral King, CA, going camping and fishing, and was raised to love the outdoors. In Bakersfield it can get up to 108 degrees or hotter during the summer so being outside is very difficult with the heat. I love going out of town during the summer because of that reason. Some of my hobbies include playing acoustic and electric guitar (no I am not a pro haha). I have been playing for about 5 years. Looking forward to playing some silly and fun camp songs with you all! I also am pretty decent with a compound bow. I love archery and it is a newer hobby that I have picked up since high school graduation in 2013. I am currently trying to learn how to be better with a recurve. Football and basketball are huge passions of mine. Football is my number 1 and you will probably ask me who my favorite team is eventually so I am a Raiders fan 😉 don’t judge haha. Snowboarding is another hobby I love but am only limited to go for a few months during the California winters. Random fact about me: I have been skydiving. Super insane. Such a rush and also I like to ride motorcycles.




Looking forward to many memories and adventures with all of you awesome peeps! See you soon.

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