Hello everyone!

My name is Emmanuel, but all the people calls me “Cova” because it is my last name, I am from Puebla, Mexico and I study Odontology in BUAP. I am very excited to be part of the Coppercreek family this summer.

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I like to take pictures because I keep all the memories of the places that I visit with my brother, we both like to go out and visit new places and visit historical places within the country.

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I love spending time in nature, away from all the noise of the city, I like to lie on the grass and look at the sky in the afternoon, I think there is no better way to spend time than amirando green places that the world offers us.

Some of my favorite activities are going to swim in the afternoons, go jogging a few days a week, go out to eat with my friends after school.

I am a happy person, respectful, honest and I like to make people laugh, meet new people, share my experiences and learn new activities. When I’m bored I start to cook some desserts to invite my friends and we all spend a little time together.

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I already want to meet you in the summer and be part of a new family, share a bit of the traditions of my country. To know new places within the United States, I hope to know new traditions of the country as well as the people who are part of the Coppercreek team.

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