Hi everybody! My name is Madi Volk and I am so stoked for my second summer as a Coppercreek counselor. I loved every moment of last summer, and  some of my favorite memories include silly stand up songs at campfire, bonding with my FBI girls, and doing the camp photography!

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A little about myself, I am from sunny Santa Cruz, California. I feel right at home in the mountains surrounded by nature’s beauty. I currently study art and education at UC Davis. I love my school community. This year I started to show my artwork publically and hosting community events including music concerts! I am going into my last year of college and plan to move to Hawaii after graduation. There, I want to work on a farm and teach environmental education to kids!

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In my free time I love to dance, make jewelry, mountain bike, camp, and spend time with my friends.

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This summer I am looking forward to dance parties, long days at the lake, and seeing all my friends from last year, as well as making new relationships!

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