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Watersports at Kids Summer Camp
Watersports at Kids Summer Camp Water-skiing, Wakeboarding, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Swimming, Canoeing, Dam Building, and Water Games; when it comes to water sports and activities, Coppercreek has it all!
While wakeboarding has replaced water skiing as the most popular activity on the water, we are well equipped to teach either in our competition ski boats. Our instructors are all Red Cross lifeguards and most have grown up water skiing and wakeboarding themselves. We ski 7 days a week on Lake Almanor, which is just six miles from camp.
Lake Almanor is also where we take campers Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It is always fun to have races and take a refreshing dip off the paddle boards.
Kayaking, a new program in the summer of 2002 has quickly become one of the most exciting and popular programs that we offer to campers of all ages. Beginning kayakers start in the swimming pool learning skills necessary to control and maneuver their kayak. Campers who master the skills then have an opportunity to move to one of our ponds, and campers who are truly committed to the program earn a day long kayaking adventure on the beautiful Feather River, right in our own backyard.
A year round creek runs through the back of our property, and each summer it is home to numerous camper built forts and dams. Sometimes, we even manage to have a swimming hole if the dam is big enough.
The camp swimming pool is a favorite on our warm Sierra afternoons. We do lots more than just swim in our pool. It is home to our kayaking program, has a slide, is perfect for swimming lessons, afternoon pool parties and sometimes even a water polo game. We have diving contests, play games, and splash away many afternoons. Red Cross certified lifeguards supervise any and all water activities.
In the evenings, we canoe on Round Valley Lake, which is just five minutes from camp. We sing songs and play with the lily pads as the sun goes down.
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